Stand Your Ground

I remember as a youth when I would sit down with my brothers and reluctantly watch a horror movie.  I’d jump in terror with my eyes peeking out from the blanket that I held so tightly over my head.  When the movie was over I was in such fear as I slowly went up the stairs to head off to bed.  When I finally made it to my bedroom, which seemed like hours, I was so afraid to turn out the light fearing that a monster or some evil being would get me.  It took me ages to fall asleep and when I woke up in the morning I was relieved that I had made it through the night.

Fast forward to my adulthood, while watching another scary movie, which was not my norm since I became a Christian, when the movie was over that same spirit of fear crept up in me.  I would start worrying about the door being locked, someone breaking in or being attacked. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me.  He first reminded me of who I was in Christ and the Fathers love and protection over me. Scripture started flooding my mind, “You’re more than a conqueror in Christ”, “No weapon formed against you shall prevail,” and on and on.  Then I heard Him say, “Why are you afraid? Were you in fear before you watched the movie?” I said, “No.” Then I heard Him say, “Then why are you afraid now?” Then I said out loud, “That’s Right! Your Right God, why was I afraid!?”  I thought to myself, this is ridiculous and silly for me to allow some powerless tool of the enemy to control how I feel, and move me off of my position in Christ!  All of a sudden I was filled with this overwhelming bold faith.  The spirit of fear fled and the truth of God’s love remained.

I resolved from that day forward to never allow any threat of the enemy, be it financial, emotional, physical or whatever the case, to move me.  I was and still am determined to stand my ground with God’s Word to guide me and protect me daily.

So I say to you my fellow believer, when an unexpected disaster or problem comes, don’t be shaken, keep your position.  God has not left the throne, he sees the end from the beginning and has you covered.  Don’t run in fear, but face the lies of the enemy knowing that Jesus has already won the battle for you.  Stand Your Ground.

“Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” Ephesians 6:13

Truth of Obedience

Hebrews 3:18
“And to whom did He swear that they should not enter His rest, but those who disobeyed. ”

Through obedience we can enter into Gods rest. This rest provided us with peace for each day. As trials of life come forth we know that it’s with Jesus we find our joy. So that when we have those trials we will not fall apart or be dismayed. Because we know the Truth we can stand our ground in the assurance that our God is faithful. He causes all things to work together for our good.
So stand firm in the Word of God and use it as your shield, rear guard and buckler! Then when the arrows fly by day and pestalines provoke at night you can truly say, “When I am afraid, I will have confidence in and put my trust and reliance in the Lord” (Psalm 56:3) and see the manifestation of His Truth abound.

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Love is a powerful gift from God that should not be abandoned from the heart.

It’s a trophy of triumph once received and a banner of peace that can over take ones heart and mind.

So much to the point of pure joy capsulizing ones spirit, soul and body with a never ending bliss for those who encounter it.

~R. M. Hilton

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Love Your Creator

“Because they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, Who is blessed forever! Amen.” Romans 1:25

 We must not hold onto things, for it may be those very things that will cause a snare in our lives.  Causing us to gravitate toward a sinful heart and departing a holy life with God.  Although things such as cars, houses, money, etc. are great in their proper place, sometimes the very blessing that God has given us takes our focus off of the Gift Giver.  He wants his children to live the abundant life, but not at the cost of abandoning Him. Our Father in Heaven is faithful to us more than we are to him.  He is patient and is ever present for our needs.  He desires a relationship with us beyond the prayer room.  Allow him into your everyday activities, big or small, and share your life with your Father, Friend and Creator.

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Simple Obedience

“If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin crouches at your door; its desire is for you, but you must master it.” Genesis 4:7

Cain disobeyed God in not giving a sacrifice of flesh, an animal sacrifice, as his brother Abel did which was Gods requirement of them.  God gave the example to Adam and Eve after they were disobedient when he killed a sheep to cover their transgressions (their nakedness) in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3:21)  Cain knew and chose to be disobedient in doing things his own way.  He was supposed to give a proper sacrifice, yet he chose to give God the lesser with a mere fruit offering.  This offering was not pleasing to God therefore it was rejected (Gen. 4:5).  Since God accepted Abel’s sacrifice it enraged Cain and he rose up against his brother in anger and killed him. When we are walking in disobedience it will open a door for the enemy (the devil) to come in who can easily manipulate us. This can cause us to have a distorted fear of God separating us from him and causing us to have no desire to fellowship with him whatsoever (Gen. 3:10).  Eventually it can make it easy for us to lie, steal, cheat, and even kill in some cases with no remorse.

Imagine if God would have given us a lesser sacrifice for our sins instead of Jesus, where would we be today?  We would be in the same position as the Israelite’s were.  Each year they had to give a ceremonial offering to God through the high priest on the behalf of the people. This was to cleanse them of all their sins and transgressions by slaughtering the animals.  Praise Be to God! We no longer have to do those things to please Him!  Jesus was and is the only sacrifice we need.  His atonement on the Cross was more than enough!  He bridged the gap that separated us from God.  The only requirement of God is to be obedient in accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  He made it so simple yet many find it to be a hard task as Cain did in his offering.  Simple obedience is what God requires of us.  Are you ready to step out in faith and be obedient to His call?  God is long suffering and patiently waiting because he loves you. Simply Obey.

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Do You Now Believe?


“Because of this we believe that you (really) come from God. Jesus answered them, do you now believe?”

John 16:30

Although the disciples were with Jesus for three years and were witnesses to multiple miracles, signs and wonders. They even saw Jesus walk on water! They still had doubt in their hearts about who he really was.  Up until this point they ate, slept, fellowshipped and even celebrated life with Jesus. Yet despite all this there was a question mark looming over their heads.  Why is this?  It may be that even in our human nature we gear towards doubt due to life circumstances, even when the answer is smack dab in front of us?  I believe this is why Paul said we have to “fight the good fight of faith” (1 Tim. 6:12).  We as believers must set aside all our human reasoning and take on the mind of Christ, literally.  We do this by meditating on his Word day and night so that it penetrates through our minds and circumvent our thoughts to the point that our thoughts become His thought and the only thing we can think on is whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things (Phil. 4:8).”  Then we will be able to doubt our doubts and move forward in Christ as we put doubt to rest and remain in perfect peace as our minds our steadfast on the one who loves us.  The disciples knew of the prophets that had done miracles, but Jesus did them frequently and more readily as he fulfilled the prophecies. But when the disciples finally understood, it was only by the revelation of God.  Just like with us, as we abide in the Word and are dictated by the Holy Spirit, revelation will come which will help us to believe without question.  It takes a habitual walk in the presence of our Lord to receive the manifestation to come forth by faith. God wants us to spend time and build a relationship with him. It seems to me that this is the reason we don’t have instant revelation of his entire Word.  But gradually the wisdom of our Lord will abound in us as we put our trust in Jesus and believe in his precious promises.


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"But you shall be called Hephzibah, My delight is in her." Isaiah 62:4