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Sometimes the little things in life make a greater impact than you realize.  On this page we as a community will blog just ONE THING a day of something good that occur in each day.  It could be for example: shopping for an elderly person, baking cookies for your family, a note in your wife/husbands lunch box or a text to a friend a word of encouragement.  We want this to be contagious!  Share your One Good Thing that you appreciate that was done for you, by you or even something you were just blessed by.  When you leave your One Good Thing message we hope that you will read others messages and be inspired by the love shared by all.  So join us as a community to remind one another that we too can make a difference in the world by doing One Good Thing.  


4 thoughts on “One Good Thing

  1. Today I went shopping and thrift shopping with my adult daughter. We always have so much fun on 99 cent Mondays at our local Goodwill. 🙂

    • That’s Great Janet. We as moms sometimes do a lot without realizing it and burnout or get stressed. So this would be great advice for others. Thank you for sharing!

  2. On the weekend I was able to reunite my son with his 2 children he had not seen in almost a year. It made us both feel wonderful. I thank God for his awesome love for us.

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